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Sequentum Bespoke

Managed data services for turnkey delivery of custom data sets. Dedicated team manages all aspects of agent development, hosting, monitoring, maintenance, data compliance and reliable delivery.

Sequentum reliably delivers high-quality, trusted and transparent, custom datasets for client’s mission critical analysis and informed decision making across:

  • Commercial: Automotive, CPG, Data Products & Services, eCommerce, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate, Retail, Sports & Entertainment
  • Financial: Banks, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms
  • Government: Federal & State Agencies and Entities across: Defense, Law Enforcement, Media & Policy, Public Health, Security

Our clients use our data extraction software and services to get an edge in data for:

Brand Sentiment Monitoring
Clinical Trial Efficacy
Inventory & Location Monitoring
Market Research & Opportunities
Price Monitoring

Product & Service Reviews
Risk Management
Social Media Monitoring
Trading Strategies & Validation
Trends & Predictions

Best-in-Class Technology. Scalable, Frictionless, Seamless Data Pipes

The Sequentum difference is in our experienced, dedicated professionals, 3rd generation purpose-built, all-in-one platform and tried-and-true processes developed over fifteen years extracting difficult data with trusted, reliable delivery.

  • Reduce Costs, Labor and Time: Reallocate valuable engineering time to higher priority, core tasks and enable data teams to focus on analyzing data. Ease of Integration into your data operations.
  • Fully Compliant, Trusted and Transparent: Observable, governable and auditable to avoid fines and legal proceedings for improper data compliance.Fifteen years of data industry leadership, dedicated to serving our clients to give them the Sequentum edge.
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Sequentum Data Catalog

Choose from a wide array of current, curated, trusted and validated data feeds from our growing catalogs. Contact us to learn more.