• 2018 Benzinga Global Fintech Award finalist for “Finding Alpha through Alternative Data”

    May 1, 2018
  • WorldQuant Ventures invested in Sequentum as “Sequentum’s Content Grabber technology is best in class” Businesswire.com, Dec 2017

    December 1, 2017

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CG Enterprise

CG Enterprise is the leading on premises Enterprise web data extraction solution on the market today. It has unparalleled support for large scale, reliable web data extraction operations. It’s powered by our “best of breed” Content Grabber software with advanced features to give full control & customization.

Three core license components:

1. Desktop – for development & maintenance of agents.

2. Server – for running agents in production environments.

3. Agent Control Center – to centrally manage all agents, servers, security, software updates, schedules, deployments, user access, proxy pools, support tickets, data integration, and much more, within your own secure, private infrastructure.


  • Usability


    Visual point and click editor is extremely easy to use.

  • Technically Superior

    Technically Superior

    Extract web data faster and more reliably than any other solution.

  • Reliability & Scalability

    Reliability & Scalability

    Built from the ground up to enable enterprises with a critical reliance on web data quality at scale.

  • Flexibility


    You have the flexibility to outsource and then later move your agents in-house without having to start again.

  • API Integration

    API Integration

    Add data extraction functionality to your own desktop apps or website. Integrate with data analytics tools.

  • Compliance


    We enable strict compliance to website data usage terms. Auto monitoring of website robot.txt files.

  • Total Enterprise Solution

    Total Enterprise Solution

    The only complete in-house web data extraction solution available today for serious enterprise operations.

  • You’re in Control

    You’re in Control

    Manage security. No restrictions on agent numbers or the websites you extract from. No monthly data fees.

More Information Data Extraction Services

Our Data Extraction Services offering is a completely outsourced, premium data extraction service for Enterprises. We reliably capture publicly sourced web-based data and responsibly address privacy, security and compliance issues to deliver the highest quality data for our clients.

  • Custom development, hosting, monitoring & maintenance
    Custom development, hosting, monitoring & maintenance
  • Unrestricted access to secure, customized clients dashboard
    Unrestricted access to secure, customized clients dashboard
  • Global team managing all aspects of integration, operation &  maintenance
    Global team managing all aspects of integration, operation & maintenance
  • Premium support available <br>(9-5/Mon – Fri to 24/7)
    Premium support available
    (9-5/Mon – Fri to 24/7)
  • Detailed history of all active agents
    Detailed history of all active agents
  • Continuous monitoring for early data issue detection & resolution
    Continuous monitoring for early data issue detection & resolution
  • Auto-anonymized data, built in tracker & audit trail for transparency, privacy, security & compliance
    Auto-anonymized data, built in tracker & audit trail for transparency, privacy, security & compliance
  • Ticketing & communication system with email notification<br>(change requests & issues)
    Ticketing & communication system with email notification
    (change requests & issues)
More Information

Why Sequentum

We provide custom Enterprise solutions to consistently deliver the latest & most accurate data from the public web.
  • Step 1

    Our advanced technology was built to be best of breed, with seamless integration and a user dashboard designed for ease of use. An expert support team for setup, maintenance and optimization, 24/7 service available

  • Step 2

    No infrastructure costs or staffing is needed with our Data Extraction Services. Economies of scale in extracting high volumes of data (variable cost savings we achieve are shared with our clients)

  • Step 3

    Our understanding of, respect for and adherence to creating best practices in Privacy, Security and Compliance enables our clients to address these concerns head on

Data Extraction Services is the ideal outsourced solution for clients looking for end to end management of their alternative data needs from hosting to ongoing management with white glove service & 24/7 global support.

Our CG Enterprise product offers our best of breed technology with a powerful agent control dashboard to clients seeking an internal enterprise turnkey solution to integrate with their existing BI systems to manage & host themselves with the help of our experts.

The Sequentum difference is in the totality of our technology, people & our holistic approach to delivering what you need while addressing the ever changing challenges with obtaining & using data in today’s environment.


Our best in class technology & holistic approach significantly reduces the time, effort & costs associated with accurate, reliable data extraction at scale.
  • Continuously Updated

    Windows Operating System based software supports deep customization not possible within a restricted browser environment for technical superiority

  • Limited Access

    Built to meet success criteria with continuous validation & self correcting agents to save time & money while delivering the highest quality data

  • Hosted & Maintained

    Hosted in our data centers with continuous monitoring for website and regulatory compliance changes

  • 4

    Data delivered to you in the format you require to transform into insights

  • 5

    Ticketing & monitoring system for efficient, transparent & streamlined communications

  • 6

    Continuous monitoring & self correcting agents minimize human interaction saving time & money

  • 7

    Increased data reliability

  • 8

    Adherence to latest GDPR standards with data validation checks across all data with audit trail of all agent change

  • 9

    Knowledgeable team of experts with experience at tier 1 tech & consultancy companies who understand the process from certification needs to changing business requirements & deliverables to reduce time, effort and costs

  • 10

    With the Data Extraction Services solution, jobs are hosted & maintained on Sequentum servers with no fixed infrastructure costs and unlimited access to data when it’s convenient to you, in the format you require.

  • 11

    Our CGE includes our Agent Control Center, is Powerful, Flexible to centrally, manage, customize & configure all aspects designed for ease of use & to easily integrate with existing BI systems.

  • 12

    CG Enterprise Agent Control Center provides a holistic Enterprise solution for managing, monitoring and maintaining all web data extraction operations from user access and version control to deployment, scheduling, monitoring, server management and data delivery.


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