Reliable Web Data Collection

Software Licensing and Data Subscriptions For Enterprise

Data sourced, transformed, enriched, structured, and delivered.

Sequentum provides complete control for web data extraction, document management, or intelligent process automation (IPA) operations. Sequentum's best-in-class platform for extracting alternative data from web-based or other unstructured data sources to better inform business and investment decisions. Our tools create software configuration files that define what data to extract, quality control monitors, and output specifications – we call these configurations “Sequentum Intelligent Agents”.

Reduce Labor & Time

Implementation costs are not just about technology.


Reduce your exposure to almost 92% in productivity costs.


Building and maintaining a data collection infrastructure is not easy or inexpensive.

Save $100k+

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud and infrastructure costs per month.


Avoid the possible fines, penalties, and court cases associated with improper data compliance.

$120k - $150M

Shift an estimated $120K USD to $150M USD in potential data liability risk away from your organization.

Trusted by industry, government, and others, Sequentum delivers steady results in a complex space.


Best New Product Finalist

Starting Up To Structure An Unstructured World

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