Sequentum launches Marketplace, a self-serve platform to access Intelligent Agents™

Intelligent Agents™, Data Vendor and Data Set Monitoring Alerts are essential trusted tools for our Financial Services Risk & Compliance Management clients and focus on monitoring and managing data vendors for compliance. 

New York, NY, March 06, 2024 - Sequentum, a leading provider of high-quality, trusted, custom data sets with their end-to-end platform, managed services or data subscriptions, announced today the launch of Sequentum’s Marketplace (a self-serve platform) with their Intelligent Agents™, Data Vendor and Data Set Monitoring Alerts. 

A data industry leader for fifteen years, Sequentum sources, transforms, enriches, structures and reliably delivers transparent, compliant, trustworthy, high-quality data to Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and financial institutions. Their end-to-end platform, a highly customizable and composable system, allows for the rapid deployment of web data pipelines to empower their clients to focus on mission-critical analysis and business decisions. 

Intelligent Agents™ (prewritten agents) will be available on Sequentum’s Marketplace, a new user-friendly interface for their self-service solution. Original offerings will include agents created by Sequentum with plans to open the ability for clients to publish and monetize their own agents. 

Sequentum has enriched web data and incorporated AI into their agents for the last six years and is leveraging the latest AI-powered intelligence to efficiently and effectively provide a cost-effective solution to companies who need to monitor a large number of vendors, partners, affiliates, etc. 

This announcement was officially released during Sequentum’s CEO, Sarah McKenna and EVP of Engineering, Casey O’Neil’s presentation, “How to build trust in your data and AI-powered intelligence in the most risk averse environments,” at Big Data & AI World in London, March 6-7, 2024. 

"I'm grateful to our team for their work on these two key Intelligent Agents™ and the launch of our new self-service Marketplace. We’ve been live with these intelligent agents for clients since June 2023 and I’m excited to now make them available via self-serve through Sequentum’s Marketplace. We’ve received great feedback on their effectiveness and efficiency in their tracking and monitoring processes, the best indicator of success," said Sarah McKenna, CEO of Sequentum.

Photo: Example of daily news alerts generated by
Sequentum’s Intelligent Agents™

Intelligent Agents™: Data Vendor and Data Set Monitoring Alerts

Problem: Tracking the news for your data vendors, suppliers, partners, etc. for regulatory compliance every day, reliably and at scale is time consuming, expensive and prone to human error. 

Risk: Failure to have a systematic process to identify and track compliance risks in order to adhere to Section 204A of the SEC Code of Ethics Rule results in fines and legal proceedings. 


  • Daily news monitoring and alerts, automated and scalable solution to keeping tabs on the compliance of your mission-critical data sources and partners.
  • Sequentum’s Intelligent Agents™, leverage advanced search technology and AI, combined to aggregate timely, accurate negative news on data vendors, data sets or any company you need to track to ensure trust in your process. 

Benefits: Trusted, cost-effective and fully configurable to meet your specific requirements and any audit. Alerts are delivered daily in a clean, clear, back-linked email 

Sign up on Sequentum’s Marketplace and get started today with our premiere news monitoring alert service, customized to meet your specific requirements. 

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