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Welcome to Sequentum

Sequentum is a software development and consulting services company which focuses on web scraping and web automation technologies.

Our software significantly reduces the time, effort and cost of precise Web data extraction at scale. This helps to create a host of new opportunities for monetizing the Web.

Our main website is which showcases our premium software.

Our Products

Content Grabber is our premium web scraping and web automation software.

Content Grabber is a ground breaking, feature rich web scraping software solution. It has been built from the ground up with a focus on performance, managing large data volumes and usability. The visual editor is very easy to use and the agent creation can be automated with Content Grabber automatically detecting content types and naming them.

It also includes Enterprise level features for debugging, logging, agent management, error handling, and error recovery. Users can also create self-contained web scraping agents of their own and distribute these royalty free.

Please visit the Content Grabber website for more detail.

Visual Web Ripper is our first web scraping solution which is targeted for use by small business and individual users.

Visual Web Ripper is a powerful web scraper used to easily extract website data, such as product catalogs, classifieds, financial web sites or any other web site that contains information you may be interested in.

Visual Web Ripper harvests content from targeted web sites automatically and delivers the content as structured data in databases, spreadsheets, CSV files or as XML. It can extract website data from highly dynamic websites where most other extraction tools would fail. It can process AJAX enabled websites, repeatedly submit forms for all possible input values, and much, much more.

Please visit the Visual Web Ripper website for more detail.

Our Solutions

Managed Data Services

Content Grabber’s Managed Data Service enables you to outsource all your web scraping data extraction requirements. We develop, host and maintain your web scraping solutions for you.

Our solutions are customized to your specific needs and we deliver the data to you in the format you require with updates as often as you want. We also continually monitor and maintain your project agent(s) to ensure you get the data you need regardless of website changes.

Please visit Managed Data Services for more details.  Managed Data Services

Consulting Services

Sequentum offer a range of Consulting Services for our customers. We help with complex projects, large data requirements, dealing with difficult websites or where customers are simply looking to outsource their development.

Our solutions reduce cost, provide competitive advantage and simplify Web data extraction and monitoring to create new business opportunities. We build solutions for our customers such as:

Please visit Content Grabber for details on the comprehensive consulting services we provide.  Consulting Services