What are the main features of Sequentum Enterprise?

The main features that are exclusive to the Enterprise Edition include:

  • Use of the Sequentum Enterprise API for web integration
  • Centralized Internal Database for data normalization and de-duplication across multiple agents
  • The ability to specify input data as command-line parameters when running an agent from the command-line
  • Centralized Agent Management Window
    • Start, stop or schedule agents, and view logs and statuses
    • Manage database connections used by all agents on a server
    • Manage script libraries used by all agents on a server
    • Use custom scripts to control agent behavior
    • Use scripts to completely customize data export and delivery
    • Use scripts to generate input data for an agent
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2013+ for powerful script editing, debugging and unit testing
  • Automatic error notifications that can be transmitted to third party ticketing or project management systems via API
  • Fully integrated Sequentum Enterprise Agent Repository to enable agent updates in a scripted manner to private servers and enables change tracking between agent versions